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November, 2005
Vol. 2, Number 11

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  • Happy Birthday George Rogers Clark!
    November 19th is George Rogers Clark Day.

  • Beyond the Book
    Activities for kids.

  • Celebrate Aviation Month . . ..

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Hook Kids on History in November:

November is Aviation Month!

November 1 NATIONAL AUTHOR DAY. Formed by the General Federation of Women's Clubs. In honor of National Author Day, have your child or student write a letter to the author of his or her favorite book telling why he or she likes the book.
November 9 George Rogers Clark*, American Revolutionary General and Young Patriot, was born this day in 1752. In honor of his birthday, GEORGE ROGERS CLARK DAY is November 19th! SEE FEATURE ARTICLE BELOW.
November 14-20 AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK. Always held on the first week prior to Thanksgiving. Visit the National Education Association website for more information.
November 14-20 NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK. learn more.

* Included in the Young Patriots Series.

From the Creator of
the Young Patriots Series

Hello to all my subscribers!

The "frost is on the punkin" as poet James Whitcomb Riley would say and it's hard to believe that holiday time is almost upon us! Young Patriots Series illustrator, Cathy Morrison, is celebrating the upcoming holiday season by making a unique contribution as only an artist can-see details below.

I'm just back from the Western Kentucky Book Expo in Sturgis, KY-near Evansville, Indiana. More than 50 authors participated and I was fortunate enough to be among those who visited with almost 1,000 elementary students and spoke to two different classes of middle school students about writing, publishing, illustrating and editing. I was asked several times what advice I would give to an aspiring writer-my answer was "Read!"

Don't miss our new Young-Patriot- of-the-Month holiday gift offer-it will keep your young readers (and writers) busy throughout 2006!




Happy Birthday George Rogers Clark!

Celebrate George Rogers Clark Day - November 19th -
With the Boyhood Adventures of the Young Patriot.


George Rogers Clark was the second son of John and Ann Rogers Clark. In 1752 - the year George Rogers Clark was born - the Clark family lived in eastern Virginia under British rule and the harsh threat of attacking Native Americans.

At the age of 20, George Rogers Clark left home on a surveying expedition West, despite the strict British rules against Westward settlement. During his land surveying years in Virginia, he participated in Lord Dumore's War and earned a reputation as an impressive Indian fighter.

His engaging personality and charm helped him become the representative elected to go to Virginia to seek security and safety through creating a definite connection between Kentucky and Virginia. Clark returned in time, however, to play a substantial role in fighting off British and Native American attacks in Kentucky.

George Rogers Clark would become revered as an American Revolutionary General. His victory over the British at the Battle of Vincennes resulted in doubling the size of the American colonies, adding the Northwest Territory, which later became the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and part of Minnesota. Younger brother William would follow in his explorer brother's footsteps and become the famed leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Learn more about George Rogers Clark here.

Volume 8 of the Young Patriots Series depicts the boyhood adventures of George Rogers Clark that helped shape the man who would become the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest."

Mr. Warren stood in the doorway, with a moneybag in his left hand and a pistol in his right. It was the biggest, meanest-looking pistol George had ever seen.

"Run!" cried John. But the boys stood frozen with fright. George felt as if he couldn't breathe. What could they do? The man looked as big as a mountain. George took a deep breath. Suddenly he put his head down and lunged forward. His head hit Mr. Warren's stomach. He felt the man double up and hear the pistol go off . . .

For more information on George Rogers Clark, Boy of the Northwest Frontier, click here.



From the George Rogers Clark, Boy of the Northwest Frontier
Teacher's Guide:




According to the Indiana Historical Bureau, when Clark died in 1818 at age 62, Judge John Rowan memorialized Clark by saying: "The mighty oak of the forest has fallen, and now the scrub oaks may sprout all around . . . The father of the western country is no more." Have your child or students write a short summary of what he or she thinks the Judge's memorial meant.

Children can work individually or with a friend or parent to complete the WebQuest by following links to gather information about the history of petitions submitted to Virginia's House of Burgesses. Then have him or her write a petition to their teacher or parent for something he or she would like to see happen.

Find the complete Teacher's Guide here.

Celebrate Aviation Month!

Among all of our modern conveniences, the luxury of flight is perhaps one of the most phenomenal achievements. Given the fact that we humans were created with two legs and no natural aerodynamic abilities, it was thought that flying was of course "for the bird." And that we humans would be land-bound forever.

Through the adventurous spirits of some courageous and determined men and women, that natural law was broken. Amelia Earhart and Eddie Rickenbacker, featured in the Young Patriots Series, are just two of those heroes and heroines. Today we take man's ability of flight - with the help of winged machinery of course - too often for granted. So in honor of Aviation Month this November, remember those who came before us and lived to give us this modern and seemingly necessary luxury.

Find Aviation Month information, activities and much more here.

Illustrator of the Young Patriots Series,
Cathy Morrison, submits artwork for "Cancer's Cure."

Robert's Snow 2005 is a fundraiser auction showcasing exclusive pieces of art-wooden snowflakes decorated by 200 children's book illustrators-that will be auctioned through eBay this fall in Robert's Snow: for Cancer's Cure.

The illustrator of the Young Patriots Series Cathy Morrison's own snowflake design can be viewed here.

100% of snowflakes sales will go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/The Jimmy Fund. The online auctions are scheduled to be held November 6-December 11, 2005.

For more information on Robert's Snow, visit their website.

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