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September, 2004
Vol. 1, Number 8


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Hook Kids on History in September:
September 9: The Continental Congress, led by Congress President John Hancock, renamed the "United Colonies," the United States.
September 11: Patriot Day-Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks
Access K-5 Lesson Plans.
September 17: In 1787, delegates from 12 states unanimously approved the U. S. Constitution.
September 18-25: Banned Books Week-Celebrate the Freedom to Read!
Check the American Library Association Banned Books Week site and see a list of the Top 10 Most Challenged Books.
September 27: Revolutionary War leader and friend of John Hancock
Samuel Adams was born in 1722

Several days ago, I received a call from a man who asked, "Are your books the same as the ones I used to read as a child-the biographies with the bright orange covers?" When I assured him that yes, despite some changes in cover design-no more orange covers - and illustrations - no more silhouettes - he would recognize the Young Patriots Series as his favorites from childhood. He went on to reminisce about visiting the Bookmobile when it arrived in his area and devouring every one of those orange-covered titles he could get his hands on. He told me he wanted his son to have the same wonderful reading experience he had and could I please send him the 9-Volume Set of the Young Patriots Series.

Those are the calls that make my day-what stories do you have from your childhood about reading the "orange biographies?" Call or email me with your memories and, with your permission of course, we'll share them in a future newsletter.

Continuing our celebration of the publication of John Hancock, Independent Boy, we are devoting this month's newsletter to the birth of America-don't miss our features on John Hancock's friend, Samuel Adams, and resources for celebrating Constitution Day on September 17.

My deepest sympathy to those who lost friends and loved ones on September 11, 2001.




Happy Birthday Samuel Adams, friend of John Hancock

Freedom fighter, dissident, signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to the Continental Congress, governor of Massachusetts,-Samuel Adams' life paralleled his friend John Hancock's in many ways. In honor of his 282nd birthday (!), we are offering to our subscribers a free illustration from John Hancock, Independent Boy of Samuel Adams' print shop (see link at the end of this newsletter).

In Chapter 6, while strolling the Boston Wharf with his playmate, John Adams, "Johnny" meets John's cousin Samuel...

"(The boys) turned into a narrow crooked street known as Queen Street. A man coming from a shop was reading a small newspaper.

Jay looked at the paper and yelped. "Johnny! He's reading cousin Sam Adams' paper!"

"Your cousin's? How do you know?"

"I saw the words 'Independent Advertiser,' and there's a picture of a lady and a bird at the top of the page. I wonder--" Jay read the shop sign, "'Rogers and Fowles, Printers.' Maybe they would know about it. Let's go in."

For the complete Chapter 6, visit our subscriber only page


Teaching Idea: What's for Breakfast?
Eggs, Bacon, Biographies?

Have Juliette Low share cereal and juice with George Rogers Clark as part of a "Biography Breakfast!" A third-grade teacher in Wisconsin asked each of her students to dress up as a famous historical or present-day person, and, over breakfast, introduce themselves in character. Why not try it in your classroom or homeschool-room and bring history to life!


Celebrate Constitution Day

Two hundred seventeen years ago on September 17, 39 of the 55 delegates attending the Constitutional Convention signed our constitution and sent it to the 13 new states to be ratified. By 1790 all states had ratified the document, and the new nation was born. The Bill of Rights was added shortly afterward.

Among the signers were Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and George Washington. Learn more about the Constitution, find lesson plans and additional resources by visiting the following:

Which two Founding Fathers did NOT sign the Constitution?
Find the answer and learn more fun facts about the U.S. Constitution.


Win a Young Patriot in our Monthly Drawing

Congratulations to last month's winner of John Hancock, Independent Boy. This month we're continuing our celebration of the publication of John Hancock, Independent Boy by offering you another free copy! Just click and send the blank email! You will automatically be entered to win.

The winner will be announced in the October issue.



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