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Alexander Hamilton, Young Statesman

Abner Doubleday, Boy Baseball Pioneer

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Written by Helen Boyd Higgins
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Pub. Date: 2008
ISBN 9781882859610 (hc) – 627(pb)
Reading Level: Lexile:  730L  Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level: 4.1

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When they came to Uncle Peter’s gate, Christy swerved, slipped, and fell.  Alec thought that the whole ocean was pounding and booming about him.  He lay on the ground and tried to scream.  The sound of his voice came back to him.  He tried to get up.  Then, quite without effort, he felt himself rushing through the air, spinning around and around. 
Then everything went dark.

--from Alexander Hamilton, Young Statesman

In Volume 14 of the YOUNG PATRIOTS SERIES, meet Alexander Hamilton, a young boy whose love of learning and dedication to his dreams take him far away from the small Caribbean island of his birth to the great American Colonies, where he joins the American Revolution. 

Alexander’s s childhood days were filled with books and visits to the waterfront to greet the large ships from Europe, until one day his Uncle Peter gives him the chance to go to school…if he can learn to ride a horse!  Children will identify with Alec’s struggle to overcome his fear of horses and applaud his courage as he narrowly escapes a violent hurricane on horseback, all the while keeping his eye on his lifelong dream—going to school in America!

As an adult, Alexander Hamilton works closely with George Washington during the American Revolution and after independence.  He signs the Constitution, becomes the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, and helps create a national Bank of the United States.  Children will learn from his strong determination and unending dedication to make his dreams come true. 

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything,” –
Alexander Hamilton



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